Sunday, May 13, 2007

Drinking is a good thing (really, it's in the Bible)

These posts are too long, so I'm going to make an effort to trim them down a bit. Wednesday's main focus was trying to surf a bit more. Allison had successfully left her job the day before, so after Jeremy left for work we packed up and headed down to Waikiki to shop for a Mother's Day present and anything else that might strike my fancy. There an "International Market" in Waikiki that's got a lot of little kiosks and small shops selling all the tourist-y kinds of things you'd expect and some prettier, nicer items as well. I ended up buying a few magnets of Hawaii to give to Rodrigo's mom (Rodrigo is my friend Kim's Spanish fiancee; I'll be talking about seeing them in six weeks or so), a cool spinning throwing think for my cousin (an another for myself) and some really pretty candles for my mom. They're white and blue, but in inverse patterns, and they look very flowery and ornate. I'm sure she'll think they're pretty, but I'm really hoping she'll actually find something decorative to do with them at some point.

After shopping, we hit the surf school and I grabbed a board to go out for a little bit on my own. The hardest part as a beginning is just knowing what's a good wave and when to start paddling to catch it. An instructor from the school was out there with another client, so every now and again he would yell out for me to start paddling and give me tips when I came back to try again. It was very helpful and nice to know that I could manage to surf a bit on my own. After a little while surfing, I headed back in and Allison and I met up with Jeremy. On our walk back to their apartment we stopped at Jeremy's favorite place to get a snow cone (technically, a Hawaiian ice) and walked back more along the beach than the main drag, which was a nice change of scenery. Back at the apartment, I showered and Jeremy started mixing me vodka and cokes while he and Allison had a few beers. We fell to talking and had a really long, really good conversation. We talked a lot about gay issues in general and my experiences when I was younger, coming out and fully coming into myself as a gay man, along with others things in Jeremy and Allison's relationship and their upcoming marriage. In all, it was a very comfortable environment (the alcohol didn't hurt either) and it felt good to just share with friends, in both directions. By the end of the evening I was thoroughly tipsy and we had no choice but to order a pizza again as it was too late to head out to eat. I fell into bed that evening thoroughly happy and peacefully content.

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