Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Hero(es)!

My return trip to Orlando brought me to the University of Central Florida, where my friend Christina is doing an internship for the summer. She's a graduate assistant student at Ball State, studying res life, among other things. It's kind of like running all those things about a university that make it run but that aren't the academics. Just don't call her an RA!

I arrived in time for some dinner action at a local pizza shop where Christina was meeting with some college friends who now teach high school in the area and were getting ready for the graduation ceremony that evening. I was getting myself ready for a far more important step in the advancement of the world: the season finale of Heroes. I was stoked when Christina told me that there was actually a special program that night to watch the show in one of the lounges and get some free eats. In the between time, we drove my car to visitor's parking and then hiked the mile back to the dorm, passing by a disc golf course on the way that Christina hadn't known about. Hopefully she'll take advantage while she's down there. Disc golf is awesome, and that's coming from someone who loathes the actual game of golf.

We had some time before Heroes once we got back to the dorm, so I worked on French and she watched Sex and the City on DVD. When 9 rolled around, we made our way to the lounge and I blissed out to one of my new favorite shows. It was, of course, spectacular, and I'm so interested to see where they'll take it next season, who'll be the new bad guy/new good guys and what their powers'll be. I thought they were really creative this season, like Charlie, the girl who remembered everything and Isaac and his painting the future. I think Christina got a kick out of the fact that I was so happy to watch the show. Afterwards, we went to her office and she showed me some pics of the new boy she had just met and I did some surfing of my own. Like most people who have actual jobs, she had to get up in the morning and go to work, so she headed to bed while I finished up some French work. Before I left in the morning I stopped by her office to say toodles (it was just downstairs from the dorm room) and then I made the trek back to my car. Next stop was Hilton Head, SC, a nice little drive and a chance to get out of Florida.


Candace said...

I guess your road trip is (and will be) full of the American way -- beer and pizza. It was great to see you!!!!!!

Addison said...

Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.