Monday, May 21, 2007

Fun, Southern style

The drive from Evansville to Louisville is a short one, only about two hours. However, one has to remember that Indiana went crazy last year and decided to join the whole Daylight Saving Bonanza, which means that while Evansville, IN is on Central time, Louisville is Eastern and an hour ahead. So when I called Carson to find out when would be good for him to meet for lunch, it turned out the best time would be an hour before I was going to arrive. But we made it work. His judge was out for a couple of hours, so it was all good.

Carson's a former housemate of mine from good ole IU. You can check out the zaniness of our lives at It doesn't get updated much anymore, but it's a good reminder of some fun times. Carson left IU to go to Harvard Law school (yeah, I've got smart friends) and is now back in his native city clerking for a federal judge and planning a move to NYC so that he can actually make some money in life. His gf, Maria, will also be heading to The City, so that's convenient. ;)

After lunch, Carson let me head back to his apartment so I could do some French homework and await his day's end. Once he got home, we headed off with Maria to do some shopping. She had some weddings to go to and all of her dresses were either white or black, so she needed something different to wear. Carson and I tooled around on our own and ended up getting Carson some new shirts at Express. They had a sale on pique polos, 3 for $60, so Carson loaded up. When we met back up with Maria, I was amazed to find that her shopping had taken her to the Black and White store, where, you guessed it, the clothes are black and white. Her new dress was gray though, so I guess it counts as new and different. We had dinner at an Irish pub-style place (vegetarian clue: a Welsh Rabbit is just a grilled cheese sandwich, no rabbits involved), and then headed back to Carson's place to watch Lost. I'm rather stoked for the season finale.

Maria headed home and Carson headed to bed. I settled in on the lovely Ashley Furniture couch and slept the night away. Carson headed off to work in the morning and I struggled to understand his shower, finally realizing that the four knobs were actually two sets of controls, one for the bath and one for the shower. I ended up taking a shower that left me standing a foot of water because I left the bath running the whole time. Yeah, I'm not smart.

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